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TV interview RTL news: Corona situation, home office and work-family (in)balance

Published: 06-04-2023

In an interview with the TV station RTL news, Dr. Kiki de Jonge discussed working from home and the possible work-family (in)balance. The interview includes a behind the scenes example.

Dr. Kiki de Jonge emphasizes that working from home due to the corona crisis is different from working under normal circumstances at home; "The current home office conditions are not optimal for many people, which can have an effect on work stress. Practical circumstances then play a major role: do you have a good working environment, can you work with focus and without distractions? It also varies per person whether working from home suits you or not".

Furthermore, according to Dr. Kiki de Jonge: “Working at home during the Corona situation can sometimes feel like working in a chaotic office garden." How? Well, watch this video!