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New publication on remote managers and trust issues

Published: 06-04-2023

Anita Keller and her colleagues published an article on managers distrusting employees who work remotely.


Research conducted during Covid-19 shows that a large number of managers are struggling with the effective management of people working from home, with this translating into many workers feeling untrusted and micromanaged by their bosses. The consequences of poor management at this time — for workers, families, and the economy — suggest the urgent need to help develop managers’ skills in this area. However, simply telling managers to trust their employees is unlikely to be sufficient. Rather, they need to learn new skills of delegation and empowerment to provide their workers with greater autonomy over their work methods and the timing of their work, which in turn will promote worker motivation, health, and performance. Organizations need to start at the highest level possible. Managers who struggle with leading remote teams often have excessively controlling and low-trusting bosses themselves.


The article can be found here.