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Corona crisis: Is working from home the new normal?

Published: 06-04-2023

Kiki de Jonge gave an interview to the Dutch newspaper Trouw. The interview deals with working from home in times of the Corona crisis (e.g., How do you still get the most out of working from home?).

For the full article in Dutch click here.


Here is an extract from the interview:


"Mamaaaaa! Mamaaaaa! Vowk needed!", shouts a breakfasting two-year-old in the background. Organisational psychologist and assistant professor Kiki de Jonge asks if it would be more convenient for the reporter if she calls back later. Psychologist De Jonge laughs about it. Her two children are playing outside during the interview, 'otherwise it will become a real chaos'. Unusual times, that's how De Jonge - connected to the University of Groningen and also an independent coach - describes these weeks.


"The current home working conditions are not really ideal, says De Jonge. "Normally you decide to work from home voluntarily. Often not fulltime either, but partially (what she and her colleagues coined blended working). And you are normally well prepared to make the transition. Now it is forced, under a stressful situation as well. And because everyone is at home, it's like working in an open office where everyone is asking for your attention. The postman, the daughter of two, the partner, the empty fridge. It's all a distraction."


"On top of that, the corona crisis can cause stress. The risk of infection, rising death rates, school-age children suddenly receiving home schooling, toddlers running around and toddlers needing constant amusement. All things that influence concentration, according to De Jonge. While working from home is often ideal for deep working and getting a lot done, she says. "So be kind to yourself."